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DMC Mining Services
Business Description:

For over 30 years DMC Mining Services has served the mining and civil industry in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We are your resource for engineering design and feasibility studies; property development through equity investment, partnerships or joint ventures; contract mining; shaft sinking; raise boring and raise excavation; mine construction and infrastructure; mine development and rehabilitation; headframes and hoisting plants; as well as ground freezing and grouting programs.

Telephone: 905 780-1980
City: Vaughan
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 705 472-3381
City: North Bay
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 416 594-2525
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 306 242-4427
City: Saskatoon
Country: Canada
State/Province: SK
Telephone: 705 702-3875
City: Burlington
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 303 234-0273
City: Lakewood
Country: United States
State/Province: CO
Telephone: 204 262-5900
City: Winnipeg
Country: Canada
State/Province: MB
Telephone: 905 564-7650
City: Mississauga
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON