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J.H. Fletcher & Co.
Business Description:

J.H. Fletcher & Co. has been a distinguished name in the mining industry since 1937. The company maintains a business focus on the core values set by its founder: increasing safety and production, innovation, quality control, experienced service and ownership stability. Fletcher`s world renowned roof support is accompanied by an entire product line, including scalers, powder loaders, drill jumbos, and specialty equipment. Fletcher continues to set itself apart by working directly with each customer, to ensure a custom built piece of equipment.

Telephone: 304 525-7811
City: Huntington
Country: United States
State/Province: WV
Telephone: 780 701-1990
City: Edmonton
Country: Canada
State/Province: AB
Telephone: 519 637-1855
City: St Thomas
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 289 562-0100
City: Mississauga
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 519 599-2015
City: Thornbury
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 416 259-1111
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 306 244-6244
City: Saskatoon
Country: Canada
State/Province: SK
Telephone: 450 581-8341
City: Repentigny
Country: Canada
State/Province: QC
Telephone: 089 201-1142
Country: Australia
Telephone: +46 910 71 36 50
City: Skelleftehamn
Country: Sweden