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Off Highway (Bottom Dump)

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Heavy Metal Equipment & Rentals
Business Description:

Heavy Metal Equipment & Rentals (HME) was founded in 2009, servicing mining operations in North America through the rental of quality heavy earth - moving equipment and maintenance services. Our North American fleet is made up of over 350 pieces of mining equipment including excavators from 15-550 ton (EX5500), of fleet of over 90 hail trucks ranging in size from 70-400 ton (797F), and a full range of mining dozers and graders.

Telephone: 780 672-7946
City: Camrose
Country: Canada
State/Province: AB
Telephone: 519 577-6576
City: St. Clements
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
Telephone: 089 201-1142
Country: Australia
Telephone: 604 575-1491
City: Surrey
Country: Canada
State/Province: BC
Telephone: 780 948-2200
City: Spruce Grove
Country: Canada
State/Province: AB
Telephone: 705 682-0687
City: Lively
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON