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    COSTS: Northern mines twice as expensive: new study

    May 5, 2015 by Canadian Mining Journal Editor

    OTTAWA – A new study entitled Levelling the Playing Field reveals the cost to explore and build new mines is as much as 2.5 times higher in northern Canada, largely as a result of a lack of critical infrastructure. This is creating major…

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    Frozen Out

    May 1, 2011 by Bill Braden

    It’s not much of a dip – only $2 million from 2010 – but a new forecast for exploration spending in Canada confirms that mine finders have found friendlier places than the Northwest Territories to spend their exploration budgets.

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    NAME CHANGE – BCYCM becomes Association for Mineral Exploration

    January 18, 2006 by Canadian Mining Journal Editor

    VANCOUVER – The BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines (BCYCM) board and members have approved changing the organization’s nam…