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When MINExpo, that indescribably large mining equipment show in Las Vegas, hits my calendar every four years, I get mixed emotions about attending because I’ve been to the city more than 30 times over my career, and quite honestly, I’m not a big fan of the place anymore.

For starters, it’s loud and filled with an abundance of ‘socially refreshed’ people determined to live up to the city’s slogan: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” There’s something about the freedom to walk the streets with a beer in one hand, and a cigar in the other, that makes people feel far more confident and outspoken than most of them probably are in their day-to-day lives back home.

It’s a superficial place to say the least, but in fairness to convention organizers, there’s probably no better place in North America to put on a show than in Las Vegas. Without question, the place has drawing power, and its massive facilities are ideal for housing hundreds of exhibitors who pay handsomely to show off their wares. And the desert weather in September is also perfect for those with outdoor exhibits because their displays are too big for the indoors.

Regardless of whether it’s in the cool indoors, or outside in the desert sun, MINExpo is a hugely popular event that happens every four years that brings together people from around the world to look at what’s new in mining equipment and services.

For three solid days, and I truly mean solid days that start with many pre-show breakfasts and seminars, and end with hospitality suites that are open late into the following wee hours, delegates are invited to ‘kick the tires,’ literally, of machines that are bigger than many houses, that can load and carry more rock and dirt in one pass than any one person could shovel in a lifetime, to the most mind-boggling thing of all, the price tags on many of the products that are “For Sale.” In fact, what’s amazing to me is the number of “Sold” signs that are proudly slapped on the sides of machines that cost more than the operating budgets of many small towns.

Again, it is mind boggling, but the one thing about MINExpo is that not everything costs a fortune because the show has something for almost everyone involved with the mining industry.

And that includes the spouses who often attend simply because; “It’s Vegas Baby,” plus, they want to see what attracts their partners to the show, over and over again?

Regardless of who you are, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the size and content of MINExpo.

Later in this issue you’ll see what I’m talking about because we are featuring just a few of the companies that will be displaying their products at the show.

Most of the names you’ll probably recognize because they’ve been serving the mining industry for years, and likewise, have been at MINExpo in the past.

But, like the industry itself, there are many new faces, and from the advanced Exhibitors’ List I saw recently, there are many new products at the show this year too, and for that reason, I’m looking forward to the event, and to seeing many of you too.

Please stop at the Canadian Mining Journal Booth 4377, in the ‘cool’ Central Hall, and say “hello.”

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