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Tank wraps protect against freezing

Tank wraps protect against freezing

Powerblanket announces the availability of a variety of tank wraps designed to heat and maintain the temperature in large holding tanks.

The wraps create a barrier of insulated warmth to keep fluids from freezing and viscous materials flowing. The blankets are flexible enough to cover anything from 20-pound propane tanks to 30,000 gallon water tanks. They are secured with a nylon strap and magnetic system.

Power configurations to the blankets are available in either 120V or 240V.

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Environmentally friendly dozer

Caterpillar‘s new D8T track-type dozer features an engine that has been designed with after treatment solutions including an innovative intake-air-management system to meet environmental standards.

The engine uses optimized turbocharging with electronically controlled fuel injection that precisely shapes each combustion cycle through multiple-injection fuel delivery. The control of combustion parameters yields cleaner combustion, steady power in all operating conditions and improved fuel efficiency.

An exhaust reduction system continually diverts and cools a small volume of engine exhaust gases and then returns the cooled gases to the combustion chamber. This process reduces cylinder temperatures.

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Underground diesel scoop

A diesel-powered LHD (load, haul, and dump) scoop featuring a Un-A-Trac 488 XP power pack that eliminates the need for batteries and battery maintenance is now available from Bucyrus.

The scoop’s power pack has a vent rate of 7500 cfm for a cleaner working environment, and the particulate index of 4500 cfm reduces emissions by over 66% compared with conventional models.

The machine’s engine and exhaust system and ergonomically designed cab provide a comfortable environment for the operator.

The scoop has a lift capacity of 14.5 tonnes and a 152.4 cm vertical which means it can dump onto elevated transfer points without additional equipment.

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Drilling rig for narrow tunnels

Atlas Copco announces the availability of its Boomer T1 D, a face-drilling rig designed for narrow tunnels and drifts.

The new machine features a number of improvements and options including a more powerful and cleaner engine for higher tramming speeds and a new boom suspension system to help reduce stress on the machine.

A more ergonomic and comfortable cabin with better visibility is part of the optional extras, and serviceability has been improved with more accessible service points. The frame is also stronger and has a lower centre of gravity and has an oversized articulation to cope with demanding operating conditions.

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