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The more people who see your company’s message, the more opportunity there is for you to sell your products. We know that. So, this year we are publishing our popular Buyers Guide as the November issue of CMJ, as well as being on our Canadian Mining Journal web site all year long!

Our strategy is to reach MANY, MANY MORE key decision-makers than ever before in Canada’s exploration, mining and mineral processing industries. For many years we have distributed the Buyers Guide only to purchasers of the Mining Sourcebook. Now, the Buyers Guide reaches the 10,000-plus people on CMJ’s mailing list. And every visitor to the Canadian Mining Journal web site can search the Buyers Guide quickly and easily. There’s also a link from The Northern Miner web site.


Here’s how –

  1. Download the PDF file for the “Mining Journal Questionnaire” and the PDF file for the “Product & Services Index” and print them both.
  2. Fill out all your necessary information on the questionnaire.
  3. Find the products and services you supply on the “Product & Services  Index”.
  4. Write the corresponding numbers in the  “Free Product Listings” section of the questionnaire. (Example, for “Drills, Blasthole” write 103303.)
  5. Select the optional “Paid Enhancements” you desire.
  6. Complete the form and FAX it (no cover sheet necessary) to 416-510-5138.

Note: Do not return the “Products & Services Index”

Give your company listing more impact by selecting PAID ENHANCEMENTS — your company logo, a 75-word description, or a gray screen — all reasonably priced. And if you buy a display ad, your 75-word description is free.

Mining Journal Questionnaire (479 KB)

Click here to download the Product List (180 KB)