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AUTOMATION: Epiroc and ASI to automate fleet at Australian mine

Roy Hill mine port Credit: Roy Hill mine website

Roy Hill mine port Credit: Roy Hill mine website

SWEDEN – Epiroc, a productivity partner for the mining industry, has signed a contract with the Roy Hill iron ore mine in western Australia to deliver a fully automated haul truck solution to the 55-million-tonne-per-year operation. 

Epiroc, in partnership with automation specialist ASI Mining, will convert Roy Hill’s haul trucks to autonomous use. Epiroc and ASI Mining will deliver an interoperable solution for Roy Hill’s mixed truck fleet, able to expand to other vehicles and capable of integrating with existing mine systems. Epiroc and ASI will work with Roy Hill and its partners, Hitachi and Wenco, on truck conversion and integration of the Wenco fleet management system.

“Epiroc is proud to collaborate with Roy Hill, ASI Mining and other partners to automate Roy Hill’s haul truck fleet, boosting safety and productivity for a crucial aspect of its mining operation,” Helena Hedblom, Epiroc’s senior executive VP of mining and infrastructure, said in a release. “This is a very strong example of how automation will take a mining company’s operation to the next level.”

“Roy Hill is well positioned to transition to automation,” added Barry Fitzgerald, Roy Hill’s CEO. “Now is the right time to bring the combined expertise of Roy Hill, Epiroc, ASI Mining and Wenco together to convert our haul truck fleet. Roy Hill’s Smart Mine program is driving innovation across our business, and the automation of our haulage fleet is central to delivering safety and production improvements.”

The project will see phased implementation, with testing and production verification of up to eight trucks in the initial phase before a full fleet expansion in mid-2021.

U.S.-based ASI Mining provides technology solutions for the autonomous operation of mining vehicles. In October 2018, Epiroc announced that it acquired 34% of ASI.

Epiroc is a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries.

Hancock Prospecting owns 70% of Roy Hill while the remaining 30% is held by a consortium which includes China Steel.

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