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AUTOMATION: Real-time geoscience platform from DataCloud promises better productivity, profitability

SEATTLE, Wash. –  DataCloud, the leading real-time geoscience technology company, has launched MinePortal, a cloud-based “earth model” platform for real-time management and analysis of rock data that enables mining companies to dramatically improve productivity and profitability.

MinePortal is the platform for integrating all of DataCloud’s products.

With the new MinePortal platform, mine operators can now process massive volumes of drilling and geoscience data to create actionable insights that produce dramatic improvements in orebody delineation and fragmentation. And by analyzing all of this critical rock data in real-time, mine operators can make better, faster drilling and blasting decisions that materially improve productivity, and ultimately strengthen profitability.

“Technology really does change everything, especially in the global mining industry, which historically has been comparatively slow in adopting innovative new tech solutions,” said Thor Kallestad, CEO and co-founder of DataCloud. “By harnessing major technological breakthroughs such as advanced IoT sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to automate workflows, DataCloud’s industry-leading MinePortal platform is ushering in an exciting new era of productivity and margin growth for mine operators worldwide.”

In addition to its best-in-class rock visualization and real-time data processing and analytics capabilities, the SaaS-based MinePortal platform provides the following:

  • Normalized mechanical specific energy (MSE) calculations in real-time that can be seamlessly exported to blast planning software.
  • Next-bench-down predictions powered by machine learning, providing hardness and grade maps before blast hole drilling.
  • MSE-to-mill tracking that optimizes powder factors by correlating MSE in a muck pile location to the amount of energy required to crush that same volume of rock in the mill.

The MinePortal platform can integrate all DataCloud technology solutions, including the new RHINO seismic while drilling (SWD) sensors, and DigitalGeology, the company’s turnkey rock image processing and interpretation suite.

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