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AWARD: Anaconda receives industry award for environmental stewardship

Building a deep water port allows Anaconda to sell mine waste to the aggregate industry. (Image: Anaconda Mining)

TORONTO – Anaconda Mining of Toronto has been recognized with the Natural Resources Magazine’s Industry Excellence Award for Environmental Stewardship. The award recognizes companies in Atlantic Canada that are striving for and achieving greatness in resource development, health and safety, innovation, environmental stewardship and championing communities.

Anaconda has made several steps toward responsible environmental management. At the Point Rousse project – where it produces gold – the building of a deep water port allowed the company to create a second income stream by crushing and selling waste rock to the aggregate industry in the United States. Disposing of tailings in the old Pine Cove pit  is less risky than holding them behind a dam, and a permit has been issued for at least 15 years. The company is also testing Point Rousse tails as a soil enhancement product that potentially could be sold to the agriculture industry.

Said Anaconda president and CEO Dustin  Angelo: “In the past two years we have implemented projects unique to the industry that have turned liabilities into revenue opportunities, while also having significant positive environmental impacts. We use ingenuity, innovation and technology to maximize value for all of our stakeholders.”

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