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COBALT: eCobalt nears completion of Idaho cobalt feasibility study

IDAHO – Vancouver-based eCobalt Solutions is nearing completion of the feasibility study covering its plans for the Idaho cobalt mine and mill 40 km west of Salmon, in the central part of the state. Meanwhile, pre-construction activities will begin at the project site.

Site of the Idaho cobalt project as it looked in 2013 near Salmon, Idaho. (Credit: eCobalt Solutions)

The feasibility study is in its final phase. Cost inputs for the final optimized mine schedule have been made, and they will provide the basis of capital expenditure estimate. The updated capex numbers will be ready in early September.

eCobalt has already begun pre-construction activities in preparation for full scale construction next year. There is a section of the access road that needs to be updated, and stockpiled gravel will be trucked to the site for construction. The crusher is to be moved to the site. The septic tanks and water discharge pipeline need to be buried. The drainages of the tailings storage facility need remediation. Finally, temporary power for construction must be provided.

The company has purchased property near the town of Blackfoot in Southern Idaho turn concentrate from the mine into high purity cobalt for the aerospace sector.

Complete information, including technical reports, for the Idaho cobalt project are posted at