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COBALT-NICKEL: UEX cuts 2% Co and 1% Ni over 10.5 metres at West Bear

The West Bear cobalt-nickel discovery in Saskatchewan gives UEX an opportunity to enhance shareholder value. (Image: UEX Corporation)

SASKATCHEWAN – Vancouver-based UEX Corporation made its first foray into the cobalt arena late last year through its subsidiary, CoEX Metals. The move appears to have potential. The West Bear cobalt-nickel prospect in the eastern Athabasca Basin returned 2.00% cobalt and 1.26% nickel over 10.5 metres.

These are the assays received to date:

  • Hole WBC-001: 0.78% cobalt and 0.53% nickel over 30.9 metres, including 2.00% cobalt and 1.26% nickel over 10.5 metres;
  • Hole WBC-002: 0.18% cobalt and 0.15% nickel over 5.0 metres and 0.59% cobalt and 0.51% nickel over 6.0 metres, including 1.37% cobalt and 1.02% nickel over 2.5 metres; and
  • Hole WBC-005: 0.73% cobalt and 0.36% nickel over 20.5 metres, including 1.14% cobalt and 0.47% nickel over 2.5 metres and 1.79% cobalt and 0.72% nickel over 6.0 metres.

UEX has begun a $1.5 million, 3,500-metre drilling program at West Bear that includes a second rig. Follow news reports from West Bear at