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DIAMOND EXPLORATION – Lynx dike yields 21-ct diamond

QUEBEC - Vancouver's STORNOWAY DIAMOND CORP. has found a 21-ct brown diamond in the Lynx dike at the Renard project...

QUEBEC – Vancouver’s STORNOWAY DIAMOND CORP. has found a 21-ct brown diamond in the Lynx dike at the Renard project. The stone was found in a 500-tonne trenching sample. Stornoway’s joint venture partner in the project is SOQUEM.

The Lynx dike system is a zone of continuous or semi-continuous kimberlite dikes located approximately 2.0 km west of the Renard cluster of kimberlite pipes, and extending for a strike length of at least 3.7 km. The current sample was collected during the summer from Lynx South at two separate trench locations and processed in three batches. The 21-ct stone was broken during sample processing and was recovered in principally three large fragments, the largest of which weighs 11.73 ct. The stone is estimated to have had an original weight of more than 23 ct prior to breakage and is described as a brown gem-quality octahedron. Photographs of this diamond can be found on the Stornoway website at

Stornoway CEO Eira Thomas stated, “The recovery of a 21-carat diamond in an exploration-size sample from the Lynx dike is a spectacular result. Large, high-value gems are important value drivers for a potential Renard diamond mine and it is encouraging to see these diamonds being regularly recovered at each stage of assessment. These new diamond results represent part of the ongoing work to arrive at the first formal resource calculation for the Renard project, which is anticipated late in the first quarter, 2008.”

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