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Diamond mining industry ripe for consolidation, says Lucara’s Eira Thomas

Dean MacPherson: I want to jump right into it and get your opinion on the state of affairs in the diamond industry and the mining industry generally. What’s happening, what are you seeing, what are you feeling?

Eira Thomas: The common theme that we’ve heard a little bit this afternoon and generally within the marketplace is that the mining sector is a little bit unloved right now.

But we’ve got a lot to be optimistic about. The reality is there’s a huge demand for all sorts of mined commodities whether or not it’s metals and minerals going into new technologies, or it’s the energy that we use in our everyday lives, or when it comes to things like luxury products and diamonds.

If you believe in world GDP growth, then you have to believe in diamonds. I’m very optimistic. We’ve got a lot of opportunity in the space right now and we have to get out there and convince a new investor base that this opportunity is one that they should be seizing today.

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