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DIAMONDS: Kennady values Faraday stones at $109/ct

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES – Toronto-based Kennady Diamonds has received the valuation results for diamonds recovered from the Faraday 1, 2 and 3 kimberlites. A total of 1,259 carats (>0.85 mm) were recovered from this year’s bulk sample and valued by WWW International Diamond Consultants in Antwerp, Belgium.

Kennady’s exploration camp in the Northwest Territories. (Credit: Kennady Diamonds)

WWW said the collective average value is US$109 per carat for the entire parcel. The Faraday 1 diamonds averaged US$144 per carat, the Faraday 2 stones US$75 per carat, and the Faraday 3 samples $159 per carat.

All three of the Faraday kimberlites yielded white, gem quality stones. The largest weighed 7.78 carats and was from the Faraday 3 pipe. It was valued at US$2,967 per carat. Two other exceptional gems were recovered from Faraday 3 – a 4.02-carat octahedron valued at US$2,526 per carat and a 3.08-carat octahedron valued at US$1,966 per carat. The Faraday 2 pipe also yielded two exceptional gems – a 4.72-carat gem valued at US$1,667 per carat and a 2.37-carat stone valued at US$1,502 per carat.

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