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DIAMONDS: Partners expand exploration around Gahcho Kue

Plan of the Gahcho Kue mine site plan and infrastructure. (Image: Mountain Province Diamonds)

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES – Not content to own and operate the award winning Gahcho Kue mine near Lac de Gras, partners De Beers Canada (51%) and Mountain Province Diamonds (49%) are vigorously exploring the area in the immediate vicinity of the mine.

The current program has three objectives: drill testing potential extensions to the Hearne pipe, drill test the corridor between the 5034 and Tuzo kimberlites particularly around the North pipe, and drill test a ground gravity anomaly known as the Curie target.

Drilling at Hearne has confirmed that the north and south lobes of the body are connected by a kimberlite breccia that runs from 40 metres to 220 metres below the surface.

Drilling continues between 5034 and Tuzo with the initial focus between the 5034 pipe and the North pipe. The presence of kimberlitic material in this area has been confirmed. Kimberlite has also been drilled in the corridor extending northeast of the North pipe towards Tuzo.

At the Curie target that lies between Tesla and Tuzo, a kimberlite body that is likely a blowout of the Dunn kimberlite sheet has been identified. It is located in an area of the northwest wall of the planned Tuzo pit towards the Tesla pipe.

The current drill program is nearing completion. Results when available will be posted at