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DRILLING: Boart Longyear XQ rods offer next generation toughness

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The high rotation speeds of diamond drilling add dynamic loads to the joints of thin walled drill rods, which are already highly stressed supporting drilling loads. Drill rod joints need to maintain their strength by resisting wear against the hole, and the wear of make-ups and break-outs due to bit changes.

Self-aligning threads on XQ drill rods engage smoothly every time.

Boart Longyear has a reputation for adding innovation with each new generation of drill rod it offers – from the Q with case hardening to 60 HRC (Rockwell C hardness), to the very reliable RQ introduced in 1999 with increased load capacity and reduced joint expansion – and now to the third generation XQ, now in field trials.  The strength, wear life and easier make and break of the XQ will reduce downtime, lower operating costs, increase productivity and expand drilling capabilities.

Patented XQ joints feature opposite double start threads that provide a balanced load response and double the contact area, which means half the contact pressure. This advancement doubles the make-and-break test cycles over the RQ. Additionally, XQ significantly increases load capacity by utilizing a load flank angle of –20°, double that of the RQ, allowing for depth ratings beyond 4,000 meters, or 30% more than the RQ.

XQ features an innovative self-aligning thread start geometry, ensuring mating threads engage smoothly, without wedging or jamming. Smooth starting, in combination with case hardening, significantly improves both productivity and wear life.

Finally, consider Boart Longyear’s V-Wall tubing option that made drill strings up to 30% lighter, thanks to a thinner wall mid-body. A lighter drill string reduces driller fatigue from manual handling and increases drill rig depth capacity, and the enlarged mid-body significantly reduces inner tube tripping time, all of which improve safety and productivity.

Check with Boart Longyear at to find out when the XQ rods will be commercially available.

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