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DRILLING: Hilti wins innovation award for water management

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Hilti (Canada) Corp. was awarded the 2017 Innovation Award by the Toronto Construction Association (TCA). The “Best of the Best” award is in recognition for the innovation behind the market leading DD-WMS 100 water management system for diamond core drilling.

The award winning Hilti DD-WMS 100 reduces water use at drill sites.

The Hilti DD-WMS 100 water management system efficiently takes care of slurry in diamond drilling applications.  Keeping the jobsite clean, maintaining a constant pressurized water supply, and disposing of slurry are time consuming.  With the introduction of the DD-WMS 100 water management system, Hilti says that these tasks become a thing of the past.  You get up to a full day of water autonomy from four gallons of water thanks to the recycling mode, which means you can drill for a full day on a typical jobsite with just one load of water, and the slurry is taken care of while you drill.

TCA’s Innovation Award is given annually for extraordinary achievement innovation for devising new approaches to improve performance and create cost effective solutions.

“Hilti is proud of our history of customer-focused innovation, developing products with direct customer input,” says Martina McIsaac, general manager of Hilti Canada. “This is only the latest example of setting new standards in the industry for our customers. The DD-WMS 100 facilitates faster, cleaner, and safer core drilling operations, bringing significant productivity and cost savings to our customers.”

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