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DRILLING: Shop online to order drill tools and parts from Boart Longyear

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Boart Longyear announced on Oct. 10 the launch of My Drill Store, a new website for ordering drilling tools and parts online. Providing an intuitive online shopping experience, customers can now easily place orders, check local availability, and find detailed information and pictures of a comprehensive selection of quality drilling products.

Boart Longyear’s new My Drill Store makes it quick and easy to order drilling tools and parts.

Believed to be the first to make online ordering available in this product category, Boart Longyear has already seen success with My Drill Store as it beta tested the site with customers in a number of regions.

My Drill Store’s user-friendly search allows customers to quickly identify the drilling parts they need for their specific requirements. The intuitive search includes seven easy-to-navigate product categories: coring, diamond products, down the hole, equipment parts, reverse circulation, sonic and overburden, and top hammer tools. Expanded search views include part numbers, descriptions, weights and photos.

Desired items are conveniently added to an online shopping cart by visually navigating to and selecting products or by typing orders directly into the site’s order forms. Large orders can be uploaded as a spreadsheet to speed the process along. Local availability, price and estimated weight of parts can be checked quickly and easily.

Additional features of My Drill Store include smart search functionality, order tracking, visibility to order history, customized “buy again” lists based on order history for easy reorders, a quick “print quote” button from the shopping cart and access to promotional pricing.

For more information or to open an account, visit Customers can also contact their Boart Longyear customer service representative or email

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