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DRILLING: VersaDrill launches inner tube puller to prevent back pain

VAL D’OR, Que. – VersaDrill Canada launched its new inner tube puller at the PDAC convention this week. It is a product made by drillers and for drillers and can avoid the back pain that is one of the main causes of missing work among drillers.

The inner tube puller was developed by a group of employees looking for ways to make drilling easier on the back. With this unique piece of equipment, drillers can pull the inner tube from a drill hole without undue stress and strain.

What makes it so effective? The slip‑resistant diamond‑coated rollers. Compatible with every drill brand, the inner tube puller lets drillers extract up to 15 meters of tube at a time, a feat that would be impossible manually.

“The inner tube puller improves driller safety and performance, all in one go,” said VersaDrill general manager Pietro De Ciccio.

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