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DRILLS: Atlas Copco leads the way with launch of Boomer M2C battery

SUDBURY, Ont. –With the addition of the battery drill rigs, Atlas Copco now offers a full underground mining portfolio that includes loaders, trucks, face drills, ground support and production drills with diesel-free options. The company showcased its innovative battery technology in this city earlier this month.

The Boomer M2C is only one of Atlas Copco’s battery-powered underground production machines.

The new Boomer M-series face drilling rigs have become a key piece of equipment for mining and tunneling applications. As part of Atlas Copco’s commitment to continuous improvement, the face drilling rig benefits from a comprehensive upgrade, focusing on improved safety, increased robustness, battery power, automated functions and lower operational costs.

Thanks to its efficient and powerful electrical motor and battery drivetrain, the Boomer M2C is able to perform long tramming in challenging conditions without any emission at all. This means a safer working environment underground with better air quality. At the same time, the drill rig will charge the battery while drilling the face so there is no need to stop for charging during tramming. All this has been achieved without changing the size and usability of the machine.

  • It’s Clean – The electric drive eliminates diesel emissions and minimizes the need for ventilation.
  • It’s Flexible – Thanks to the onboard charging there is no need to stop and charge. The Boomer M2C battery will charge during drilling and you can go directly to the next face when finished drilling.
  • It’s Productive – Large battery capacity and powerful motors provide the ability to outperform diesel machines in most applications.
  • It’s Smart – Like all Atlas Copco equipment, the Boomer M2 is automation ready. Add the functions you need, when you need them.

The launch also displayed the battery powered Scooptram ST7, the Minetruck MT42, Scooptram ST1030, Boomer 282 and Aramine L150.

Guests at the launch event, held at the Sudbury Ontario branch, were given the opportunity to step into the driver’s seat of the Boomer M2 and Boomer S2 training simulators to see things from an operator’s perspective. The Automation Simulator on site allowed visitors to experience the operator viewpoint and observe the comprehensive benefits of Certiq, Atlas Copco’s telematics technology.

Reminder: In 2018, Atlas Copco will evolve into two separate global groups. A new company, Epiroc, will focus on mining and civil engineering customers, while Atlas Copco will focus on industrial customers. The work to establish Epiroc involves mostly administrative changes. All our operations will continue as usual and without disturbance.

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