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DUST CONTROL: Earth Alive sends biosurfactants to control airborne particles

Before (left) and after (right) application of Earth Alive’s EA1, the only microbial dust suppressant on the market.

MONTREAL – Dust control is becoming a necessity at mining sites. Less dust in the air improves operational safety, lessens the impact on neighbouring communities, and prevents health problems for workers. The predominant solution to current dust control is using water.

The problem is that it has always taken a lot of water to keep dust and airborne particulates out of the atmosphere.

Earth Alive Clean Technologies has developed an innovative technology using a biosurfactant bacteria that naturally agglomerates particles and stabilizes them. The company offers the only microbial dust suppressant on the market, and it is all natural and 100% biodegradable.

Earth Alive’s EA1 dust suppressant has been tested at 12 mine sites in 10 countries since 2012. Some of these tests included some of the biggest names in mining – Barrick, Vale, Tata Steel just to name a few. Results include a 95% drop in airborne particulates and a 90% savings in cumulative water consumption. All told, using EA1 decreased operating costs because the number of water truck passes is reduced by over 98%.

Recently Earth Alive received a US$2 million order for its EA1 dust suppressant from a world class gold producer to use in its Latin American operations.

This order is the result of successful applications at the mine site, following an initial order for EA1 placed in November 2018. This additional order for EA1 is intended for application on heavy traffic haul roads over the next 10-month period.

The initial purchase came following Earth Alive’s participation in the #DisruptMining 2018 challenge, where it received honours as a semi-finalist. EA1 dust suppressant generated significant interest among mining companies, particularly those with strong corporate social responsibility standards that are committed to sustainable mining and to reducing their environmental footprint.

Earth Alive CEO Michael Warren said, “EA1 has been tested and validated in twelve different sites throughout the world and in various conditions, and it has continuously shown its efficacy in significantly reducing road dust. The aggregation process of EA1’s microbial dust suppressant binds dust particles into the roadbed, in a sustainable and organic way. This significantly reduces road dust and as a result the amount of water required for road maintenance while increasing operational safety and efficiency by considerably improving road visibility and vehicle traction.

“Sustainability and water management have become fundamental in mining practices, Earth Alive products have been proven to bring innovative solutions to tackle these issues,” he added.

Learn more at and contact CEO Michael Warren or chief strategy officer Jean-Paul Blais at 438-333-1680.

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