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ENVIRONMENT: The Philippines adopts MAC’s Towards Sustainable Mining initiative

B2Gold of Vancouver owns and operates the award-winning Masbate gold mine in the Philippines. The project won the 2017 Saringaya Award for contributions to environmental protection, conservation, and regional management. (Image: B2Gold Corp.)

PASIG CITY, Philippines – The Chamber of Mine of the Philippines (COMP) became the first south Asian organization to adopt the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative developed by the Mining Association of Canada.

COMP is the fourth offshore association to adopt TSM in the past two years. Finland, Argentina, and Botswana are also implementing it.

TSM requires mining companies to audit their projects’ performance annually in the areas of tailings management, community outreach, safety and health, biodiversity conservation, crisis management, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions management.  COMP will tailor its performance area so they reflect the unique aspects of its  domestic mining industry, but they will strongly align with those of Canada’s.

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