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First Nations access fees for BC explorers ‘not acceptable,’ says AME BC

VANCOUVER — A policy update put out by the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) suggests there’s something amiss in the B.C. junior exploration sector regarding its working relationship with some aboriginal groups in the province.

The organization stated there have been recent occurrences of unspecified First Nation groups approaching exploration companies, along with their contractors and suppliers, demanding upfront payments for accessing permitted work sites on Crown land.

The public update did not disclose any dollar figures, except to indicate that “the magnitude of the fees demanded can be significant,” and the demands are being conveyed under a threat of inciting work interruptions if not provided.

Gavin Dirom, president and CEO of AME BC, tells The Northern Miner during an interview that although he couldn’t comment on any specific details, the situation has escalated to the point where it was necessary to “educate and inform the public that such payments are not acceptable or legal practice.”

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1 Comment » for First Nations access fees for BC explorers ‘not acceptable,’ says AME BC
  1. Bob says:

    Without specific detail based on an actual transaction there is no credibility to this story. If you going to accuse certain groups of doing something “illegal” then back it up. Otherwise this sounds like pure political posturing.

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