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GOLD: KLGold launches VRIFY deal room to find potential new opportunities

KLGold is in expansion mode with its new Deal Room. (Image: VRIFY)

TORONTO – Cash rich and expansion mined, Kirkland Lake Gold has launched a new corporate initiative using VRIFY technology to make it easier to find potential investment opportunities.

The gold deal room uses a VRIFY cloud-based platform. This is a 3D presentation and collaboration technology. Users can use the standardized format to provide details of potential new discoveries, development opportunities, list new resource estimates or joint ventures.

Watch the Deal Room video at

The requirements for joining KLGold’s deal room are gold-centric:

  • Gold – including projects with by-products.
  • Almost anywhere in the world – Australia, Canada, other parts of North America, as well as Europe, New Zealand and South America.
  • Any stage of development – exploration, resource definition, economic studies, development and production – and be prepared to evaluate investment into or acquisition of value accretive assets.
  • Several investment strategies – earn-in, joint venture, strategic equity investment, acquisition and others.

Submissions must in the format of the VRIFY deck that incorporates 3D modeling, exploration and development layers, as well as traditional corporate content. Using a standard format will allow KLGold’s team to quickly determine an informed and holistic investment thesis.

Anyone interested in the KLGold deal room should get started at