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GOLD: More and more high grades from Island Gold mine

ONTARIO – The deep drill program at the Island Gold mine near Wawa has returned what owner Richmont Mines of Toronto calls very encouraging results – 25.6 g/t Au over 4.7 metres in the high grade structure.

Richmont’s exploration program has four objectives, and the results are promising.

  • Testing the near mine potential: 34.94 g/t over 2.35 metres, 23.83 g/t over 2.35 metres, 14.77 g/t over 2.1 metres, 11.95 g/t over 2.26 metres, and 8.61 g/t over 3.12 metres.
  • Testing the depths between the 860 and 1,500 metre levels of the mine: 25.6 g/t over 4.67 metres; 2.55 g/t over 4.09 metres, 1.15 g/t over 0.35 metres, and 1.48 g/t over 5.29 metres.
  • Testing lateral extension to the east: 5.47 g/t over 9.00 metres 5.69 g/t over 2.57 metres, and 24.57 g/t over 1.26 metres. To the west, core assayed 10.43 g/t over 3.19 metres, 5.52 g/t over 1.44 metres, and 4.03 g/t over 1.23 metres.
  • A 7,500 metre regional surface drilling program will be launched early in 2016 to test the Island Gold mineralized zones below 1,000 metres and for new deposits within the Goudreau shear zone.

The company says there is potential to expend the resource above the 860 metre level as well as at depth. Eventually, the mill may be expanded to 1,150 t/d from its current capacity of 850 t/d.

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