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GOLD: Osisko cuts 415 g/t over 5.9 metres at Lynx zone

Since acquiring the Windfall Lake property in 2015, Osisko has drilled 500,000 metres with spectacular results. (Image: Osisko Mining)

QUEBEC – `Toronto-based Osisko Mining continues to encounter bonanza grades at its Windfall Lake gold project in Urban Twp. This time a drill intersected 415 g/t gold over 5.9 metres in the Lynx zone.

Other recent drilling results include 19.9 g/t gold over 8.8 metres in OSK-W-17-1166-W1; 43.7 g/t over 4.8 metres in OSK-W-17-1128; 25.1 g/t over 4.5 metres in OSK-W-17-1386; 46.3 g/t over 2.4 metres in OSK-W-17-909-W4; 26.1 g/t over 4.2 metres in OSK-17-W-1156; 42.1 g/t over 2.0 metres in OSK-W-17-931; 17.4 g/t over 4.8 metres in OSK-W-17-1166-W4; 11.8 g/t over 5.5 metres in OSK-W-17-958; and 23.4 g/t over 2.0 metres in OSK-W-17-1397.

Full details of the recent results are included in the news release dated Jan. 23, 2018, posted at