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GOLD: Rundown of recent exploration results in Canada

Visible gold – the ultimate prize – from the Thomas Ogden zone. (photo: Metals Creek Resources)

Sometimes the inbox carries a disproportionate number of news releases about various gold exploration projects. Today was no exception. Truly, there are exploration projects out there for other metals, but the news is often gold, gold, gold.

Here is a quick look at some of the results that arrived in the last two days.

Project Operator Location Highlights
Cochrane Hill Atlantic Gold Corp. NS 3.76 g/t over 18 metres and 2.00 g/t over 27 metres
Croinor Monarques Gold QC 3.95 g/t over 3.2 metres, including 15.7 g/t over 0.7 metres
Lamaque Integra Gold QC 10.99 over 2.60 metres, 9.71 metres over 8.50 metres, 13.41 g/t over 6.80 metres, and 1106 g/t over 4.80 metres in the Triangle deposit
Lingman Lake Signature Resources ON Re-evaluation of old core yielded 7.55 g/t over 3.4 metres, 12.04 g/t over 4.5 metres, and 8.57 g/t over 2.9 metres
Martiniere Balmoral Resources QC 6.06 g/t over 11.71 metres , including 27.74 g/t over 2.32 metres at Bug North deposit; plus 3.84 g/t over 18.06 metres, including 39.87 g/t over 5.80 metres that included a further 39.87 g/t over 1.29 metres in the Lower Steep deposit
Ogden Metals Creek Resources ON 4.39 g/t over 12.45 metres in Thomas Ogden zone
Yellowknife City TerraX Minerals YT 0.52 g/t over 129.35 metres, including 1.24 g/t over 32.13 metres, including 4.77 g/t over 3.24 metres; at Sam Otto main zone; plus 0.53 g/t over 85 .00 metres, including 1.13 g/t over 25.60 metres, including 3.82 g/t over 4.00 metres in the Same Otto hanging wall