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HUMAN RESOURCES: SNC-Lavalin joins 30% Club Canada, strengthens its commitment to gender diversity

MONTREAL: SNC-Lavalin is pleased to announce that it has joined the 30% Club Canada, an organization that encourages and supports companies, through a voluntary approach, to appoint more women at board level, as well at senior management levels.

SNC-Lavalin contributed to the first 30% Club Canada event in Quebec. Over a hundred Board members, Presidents and CEOs and executives from various companies gathered yesterday at the Maison symphonique de Montréal, to show their support for progress in gender diversity and embrace more women in strategic roles.

“We want women of all ages to live and grow in a world of fair opportunities,” said Neil Bruce, President and CEO of SNC-Lavalin. “We have a responsibility to build working environments where women have an even greater role in shaping the growth and prosperity of companies and society. Joining the Canadian chapter of the 30% Club and organizing the first event in Quebec reflects our commitment to hire, train and ensure women have the equal opportunity to achieve their professional goals and access key-decision roles.”

SNC-Lavalin launched its Diversity and Inclusion program earlier this year with the goal of having at least 20% of the senior management roles held by women within three years. The program also aims to increase the proportion of women in engineering and all levels of management from current 13% to 20% over the same period of time.  Initiatives put in place include:

  • Developing and implementing policies and programs that support our principles and objectives;
  • Raising awareness on Diversity & Inclusion challenges and priorities through a global communication campaign and training for Senior Management and employees;
  • Communicating our progress, both externally and internally, to attract more women and show that our industry has many opportunities for them.

“Having more women in key roles is simply the way we want to develop as a company, and I am determined to lead from the top in helping to drive forward our ambitions in this regard,” added Mr. Bruce. “We believe strongly that companies which embrace a culture of diversity—in all its forms—are more likely to win top talent, demonstrate significant employee engagement and retention, better understand and serve their clients, as well as make better strategic decisions.”

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