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INNOVATION: CEMI collaborates with Australian counterpart

SUDBURY, Ont. – The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (Canada) and METS Ignited Australia have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote a collaborative and strategic approach to commercialization of mining innovations in the two countries.The MOU is being called a model for bilateral and multi-lateral collaboration.

The objectives of the MOU include the following:

  • Cross-promotion of each organization as facilitators for commercializing innovation in their respective countries;
  • Technologies that sustain and expand existing mines;
  • Exploration technologies that find new major orebodies;
  • Alternative extraction and material transportation technologies
  • Transportation and power generation technologies that enable early mine construction;
  • Tailings and waste management technologies that improve environmental performance;
  • Water management technologies; and,
  • Smart mining technologies including digitalization of mining operations based on analytics, AI, automation and robotics.

CEMI president and CEO Douglas Morrison believes that “this MOU allows for an intentional, purpose driven relationship between Canada and Australia’s mining innovation ecosystem”.

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