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LEVEL INDICATOR: BinMaster offers x-ray vision of bin contents

LINCOLN, Neb. – Putting a 3DLevelScanner from BinMaster in your bin is like having Superman’s x-ray vision. This non-contact sensor is the only sensor that measures and maps the material topography and generates a 3D visual.

BinMaster’s 3DLevel Scanner is like having x-ray vision.

Unlike single point devices, it works by measuring multiple points within the bin. This advanced acoustics-based technology is proven to perform in powders and bulk solids contained in tanks, silos, domes, warehouses, open bins and piles. Its unique 3D mapping capabilities provide a visual representation of bin contents, detecting irregular material surfaces, cone up or down conditions, as well as sidewall buildup.

It is self-cleaning, requires minimal maintenance and features a variety of extensions and

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