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LEVEL SENSOR: BinMaster whitepaper outlines how to choose a continuous unit

LINCOLN, Neb. – BinMaster offers many continuous level sensors – radar, three-dimensional, SmartBob, guided wave radar, and laser. So which one is right for your application? To help users make the intelligent choice, the company has issued a whitepaper.

Choose the appropriate continuous level sensor with BinMaster’s help.

A continuous level sensor measures the amount of material in a storage vessel on a continual basis, rather than just indicating whether the material is above or below a certain point, as point level sensors do. This makes a continuous level sensor ideal for monitoring material inventory in your vessels to prevent downtime.

Depending on the sensor type and supplier, the continuous level sensor can output data to a console or panel, send information to a PLC, HMI, or PC, or send information via SMS text or to the Internet for anywhere, anytime access. An advanced system using multiple sensors can report data from multiple vessels at your site or from vessels at multiple sites, making it easy to monitor your entire operation’s inventory status.

However, choosing the right continuous level sensor for your application can seem like ordering off a menu when you don’t speak the language. An overwhelming amount of information is available about the different types of sensors and the technologies they use. And a level sensor is just one of the many pieces of equipment you need to worry about. Knowing some basics about how different sensor types work and their pros and cons can help you determine which sensor you need.

Download the free, PDF whitepaper by clicking here.

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