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LITHIUM: MGX extracts lithium from SAGD wastewater

ALBERTA – Vancouver-based MGX Minerals says it has successfully extracted lithium from heavy oil wastewater. The result is part of the pilot plant the company has been running for its Alberta lithium project that spans almost 500,000 ha in the province.

Heavy oil evaporator blowdown wastewater (EBD) is one of the by-products of steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) used in both heavy oil recovery and oil sands production. The MGX process recovers in one day what conventional methods using solar evaporation take 18 months to accomplish. It also offers oil sands producers a means of reducing their tailings volume.

MGX owns a patent pending process for extracting lithium and other minerals from oil brine. MGX and PurLucid Treatment Solutions are working to integrate their technologies and build a pilot plant suitable for commercial use.

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