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Lithium: Northern Ontario Heritage Fund invests in Avalon

Flotation cells in operation producing petalite during pilot plant trials. Credit: Avalon Advanced Materials

Ontario is diversifying the Northern economy and helping create good new jobs for people in the North by supporting innovation at a mining company near Kenora. The province is supporting Avalon Advanced Materials as it develops an innovative new process to make lithium-ion batteries from petalite mineral deposits in the Kenora area.

This support, through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), will allow the local mining company to test and demonstrate converting lithium mineral petalite into lithium hydroxide, a key component in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, which provide a rechargeable, sustainable and low-pollution source of energy storage. This new production process will enable Avalon Advanced Materials to further diversify the economy of the region, continue to grow its business and create and maintain 14 new local jobs.

Ontario is investing $500,000 in this project through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.

“The funding provided by the NOHFC will provide critical financial support to assist Avalon in piloting the innovative process developed to produce lithium battery materials from its Separation Rapids Lithium Project near Kenora. NOHFC and the Ontario government are to be commended for recognizing that Northern Ontario’s mineral wealth can be leveraged to create the full energy storage supply chain in the province and help Ontario become a leader in the technology needed for the transition to a low carbon economy.” —Donald S. Bubar, M.Sc., P.Geo, President and CEO, Avalon Advanced Materials


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2 Comments » for Lithium: Northern Ontario Heritage Fund invests in Avalon
  1. Dan Farrow says:

    It’s nice to see NOHFC helping out the mining industry, but such large amounts of our tax dollars allocated to just one company reminds me of the CPP investment in Rubicon Minerals in Red Lake. R&D money for penny stock mining companies may be more donation than investment.

    • Atomicbear says:

      “such large amounts of our tax dollars allocated to just one company”…

      Um, you do know that this is not really a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. Also, according to government information, the NOHFC has invested more than C$488-million in 3165 projects helping to create or sustain more than 10895 jobs across Northern Ontario since 2013.

      So, this $500,000 is only one tenth of one percent (0.001) of the total they’ve spent in the past 4 years. And they’ve supported 3165 projects – not just one company.

      Thought you’d like to know the numbers.

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