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LUBRICANTS: Petro-Canada’s HYDREX XV wins environmental leader product of the year award

CALGARY – Petro-Canada Lubricants, a Suncor business, has received an Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award for its newest reformulation of HYDREX™ XV. The Environmental Leader program recognizes excellence in the fields of environmental, sustainability and energy management. HYDREX XV, an all-season, semi-synthetic hydraulic fluid, was selected based on its leading performance in providing fuel savings, lower diesel fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

The newest formulation of HYDREX XV better responds to fluctuations in operating conditions to generate hydraulic pump and system efficiencies. This results in highly responsive hydraulic performance, with field trials demonstrating up to 5% fuel savings in mobile equipment when compared against leading North American monograde hydraulic fluids. In performance trials, HYDREX XV also demonstrated a 6% increase in productivity. These results were tested using in-depth field trials, including work with one of Canada’s leading construction companies, Cruickshank Construction. During the trial, Cruickshank carefully monitored the fuel consumption of their excavator, along with the oil temperature and pressure through a structured digging and loading program. Results for HYDREX XV showed up to 5.5% fuel savings across these activities.

Additionally, in a study with the Fluid Power Institute at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, pump and motor tests further supported energy savings with HYDREX XV for hydraulic equipment in industrial plants. When evaluated in the test rig, hydraulic motor torque losses were reduced by up to 10% and volumetric losses were significantly lower than a conventional hydraulic fluid of ISO 46 grade.

Across the board, judges agreed that HYDREX XV was a standout among competitors in the industrial sector. As one judge explained, “If diesel fuel usage is reduced by 5%, productivity increased by 6%, and fewer fluid changes are required, this sounds like a winner in the hydraulic fluid category.”

HYDREX is known for its ability to provide up to two times better wear protection and last up to three times longer than global competitors – up to 10,000 hours (according to the ASTM D943 test), which also helps reduce overall oil consumption and subsequent disposal. HYDREX XV is offered alongside the full line of HYDREX hydraulic fluids, as well as the robust ENVIRON line of lubricants for those who need a high performance, non-toxic, and inherently biodegradable solution.

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