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ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Miller Technology ‘charges’ into Bauma with RELAY

NORTH BAY, ONT – Miller Technology recently showcased the RELAY, their fully electric, utility and support vehicle for underground mining and tunneling, at Bauma, the world’s leading construction machinery trade show.

“The RELAY is a step forward in terms of design and technology”, said Paul Summers, lead developer. “We have completely redefined the use of electric vehicles for mining and industrial service.”

The Relay features an industry first hybrid charging system which allows for both off-board DC fast charging and on-board AC opportunity charging. The RELAY also features a dynamic braking system that prevents unwanted accelerations and maximizes range by converting excess kinetic energy into electrical energy.

“We were very keen to design a product to assist our clients in reducing; their carbon footprint, down times due to emissions, costs associated with replacement parts, noise pollution and stress related driver injuries,” said Summers.

The RELAY is equipped with a powerful mid-ship mounted motor with dual output flanges resulting in impressive full time 4-wheel drive.  Miller’s system vastly reduces the number of moving parts, maintenance costs, and downtime. Battery modules used in the energy storage system have passed rigorous highway and marine testing standards to ensure the utmost safety and our modular arrangement makes it possible to adapt the platform to various usage cases.

“The RELAY represents a long term vision for Miller Technology,” said Hugh McDermid, Product Research and Business Development. “The impact of diesel equipment can be significant in a mining situation. When pollutants from diesel emissions exceed allowable limits equipment must be shut down for worker’s health and safety and the mine must be exhausted. The RELAY has no emissions and generates far less heat than diesel equipment which means it is saving our clients in terms of lost time.”

Miller Technology has been creating solutions for clients since 1979 by meeting the specialized equipment needs of customers working in harsh environments. Miller clients can be found on all parts of the globe from places with high heat and humidity to places with consistently sub zero temperatures and the RELAY was designed to accommodate all possibilities.

All major systems are equipped with a liquid loop that is primarily utilized for cooling but can be adapted to allow for heating in extremely low temperature environments.

McDermid added: “We always try to see product development through the eyes of the end-users. This means there are no bad ideas and everything we put on the table during the development process helps us as we design, develop, fabricate and evolve.”

Operators will appreciate an enhanced driving experience thanks to virtually no noise and minimal vibrations when compared to diesel counterparts. The cockpit is driver focused with touch screen interface capability and display units providing feedback in various forms.

“Electric vehicles have less moving parts so maintenance costs are reduced and the need for full vehicle mechanical overhauls is virtually non existent,” said Summers. “The RELAY can be used  to deliver workers, materials and supplies, fitted with a lift, you name it, just tell us what you need it for and how you want it configured.”

Recently, Miller Technology attended Bauma, a leading global event for construction machinery, in Munich Germany.

“Bauma is the premier event for our industry and the response the RELAY received was phenomenal.” said McDermid. “Interest in the RELAY was greater than expected with prospective clients from around the globe.”

As an internationally respected industry leader, Miller Technology has a reputation for exceeding customer expectations with innovative and cutting edge approaches to designing, developing and manufacturing.

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