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MINING: AMQ study traces $5.8B poured into Quebec by the mining sector

QUEBEC CITY – The Quebec Mining Association (AMQ) has released a study that found annual spending of $5.8 billion by the mining industry in that province creates 45,000 jobs and contributes more than a billion dollars a year to the government of Quebec.

The AMQ study shows that all regions of the province benefit from mining spending, including major centres. Most of the money spent by the industry winds up in Montreal ($1.4 billion), Abitibi-Temiscamingue ($2 billion and more), and The North Shore ($620 million).

The count of 45,000 jobs created by mining includes direct, indirect and induced jobs. Jobs are found in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue (15,500), the Monteregie, Montreal (4,350) and the North Shore (4,000).  The industry also supports a network of 4,100 suppliers within the province.

“The mining industry is a key engine of economic development for Quebec,” said Josée Méthot, president and CEO of AMQ. “We knew the impact was major. We now know exactly to what extent the regions of Quebec benefit individually. We should be proud of the mining industry that helps to highlight the wealth of Quebec, for the benefit of Quebecers, and with respect for people and the environment.”

This study is the result of a survey of mining company members of the Quebec Mining Association about their spending in 2014. The data thus obtained, added to those collected in another survey on employment and wages were used to calculate the economic impact of the mining industry in Quebec. The response rate for both surveys was about 97%.

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