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MODELING: RPM offers XERAS Enterprise for finances

AUSTRALIA – RungePincockMinarco has launched the much anticipated XERAS Enterprise 1.2, delivering the next phase of innovative features for its enterprise financial modelling product.

Building upon the successful launch of XERAS Enterprise in October 2015, XERAS Enterprise 1.2 enables customers to gain greater insight into their financial plans including detailed analysis of changes between versions of their mine plan, and powerful value driver analysis.

XERAS Enterprise 1.2 introduces the new reviewer mode which includes new features including sensitivity analysis and plan version comparison using a graphical bridge-waterfall diagram visualization. This provides customers rapid visibility into the key value drivers of their business. By instantly converting data into valuable information, users can become financially fit, fast.

Users will experience increased visibility of data coupled with the ability to rapidly make changes to underlying assumptions to review the impact on the business’s key performance indicators. Following on from this quick and easy evaluation of “what if” outcomes, is the ability to systematically compare two versions of the plan, for example, a budget versus a current forecast.

XERAS Enterprise allows users to quickly and easily turn financial data into information – a powerful weapon in today’s tough operating market. The overall business benefits are clear – with an ever increasing need for users to rapidly gain an accurate snapshot of their company’s financial position – XERAS Enterprise can do that.

RPM ( operates 19 offices in 13 countries, including Calgary and Toronto in Canada.

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