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NET NIT – Rosia Montana, no!

We touched a nerve last week writing about GABRIEL RESOURCES and Alan Hill's allegations concerning the source of f...

We touched a nerve last week writing about GABRIEL RESOURCES and Alan Hill’s allegations concerning the source of funding for opposition to his companys Rosia Montana gold mine in Romania.

Joan Kuyek, CEO of Ottawa-based MINING WATCH CANADA, wrote:
Maybe someone should ask Hill where he and Gabriel Resources get their funding? Since when is a mining company registered in Canada, raising its money on international stock exchanges, and interested only in profits for its shareholders from an environmentally destructive mining project, an arbiter of social good? Mining has short-term benefits for local communities and long-term consequences. It is a waste management industry.

Rosia Montana needs sustainable economic development and investments to help create long-term employment … not this mine.

Gabriel is engaged in a massive public relations campaign to sell its mine, including making and promoting a film and blog, hiring people from the community to sell its mine, and libelling groups that have environmental and human rights concerns. Their [Gabriels] budget dwarfs that of NGOs and that of the local citizens who are refusing to move.

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