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PHOSPHATE: Arianne gets more government funds for Lac a Paul

Bulk sampling at the Lac a Paul phosphate project in Quebec. (Image: Arianne Phosphate)

QUEBEC – Headquartered in Saguenay, Que., Arianne Phosphate has received an additional $1.5 million for its Lac a Paul apatite project from the Quebec ministry of energy and natural resources. The funding is part of the province’s promised support for the fledgling Quebec phosphate industry.

Last month the province invested $1.4 million in Arianne. As well as concentrate production, additional pilot-scale tests are planned.

Arianne has bulk sampled the Lac a Paul project in the Saguenay region. The company will produce additional high purity phosphate concentrate to be sent to potential customers. A similar undertaking was announced in November 2017, when ore was concentrated at COREM (Consortium for the Treatment and Processing of Mineral Substances) for potential customers. The 15 tonnes of concentrate graded 39% phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5).

Arianne COO Jean-Sebastien David said demand for concentrate is growing as potential customers who earlier tested the concentrate are now asking for larger quantities for additional determinations. The company also stands to benefit from phosphate supply disruptions elsewhere in the world and the legislative changes regarding cadmium content of phosphate entering the European Union.

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