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PUBLICATION: CEMI celebrates 10 years with new SUMIT program journal

SUDBURY, Ont. – CEMI (Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation) celebrates a 10-year anniversary of delivering mining innovations by launching the SUMIT Program Journal at its annual general meeting. The publication is authored by researchers and students. This is a rich partnership of academic and industry research teams delivering valuable results to the industry.

The SUMIT Program Journal is available from CEMI or CIM. (Credit: CEMI)

SUMIT – Smart Underground Monitoring and Integrated Technologies – for deep mines is a $6.7 million program managed by CEMI and led by Laurentian University in partnership with Queen’s University and the University of Toronto. Contributions also came from the University of Waterloo, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia and Carleton University.

The SUMIT Program Journal details the results of six years of research collaboration. The goal was to  develop and advance smart engineering techniques, tools to facilitate step-change advances all phases of underground mining at depth.

CEMI’s objective is to help solve the mining industry’s challenges by helping to sustain existing mines, to enable the development of new mines and improve the safety and environmental performance of the mining industry.

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