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PUMPS: KSB improves life of high temperature pumps

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – KSB’s Etanorm SYT pumps have been a mainstay of process industries that need to handle high temperature water or thermal oil. Capable of dealing with fluid temperatures as high as 350°C, these rugged, reliable pumps are available with flow capacities of up to 1,800 m3/h and heads as high as 102 metres.

KSB Etanorm SYT high temperature pump.

Over the past two years, KSB has introduced a number of upgrades designed to reduce maintenance requirements and extend the service life of these dependable workhorses. These include:

  • New shaft seal rings that provide bearings with more protection from hot thermal fluids passing through the pump.
  • New deep groove bearings with extra axial clearance to reduce bearing temperature. Bearing grease has been upgraded for improved resistance to dilution from synthetic thermal oils
  • Vibration-proof Nord-Lock washers for the impeller nut.
  • New upgraded mechanical seals for improved reliability and easier installation.
  • Built-in leak detection to provide early warning of incipient seal failure

These improvements are standard on all new Etanorm SYT pumps; most can be retrofitted to older pumps during routine overhauls. These improvements to the already well-established Etanorm SYT series of pumps demonstrate KSB’s commitment to providing customers with up-to-date tools for keeping their operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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