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RARE EARTHS: Innord pilot study to test recycling of electric vehicles

Neodymium, dysprosium and cobalt separated in-house by Innord. (Image: GeoMegA Resources)

MONTREAL – Innord, as  wholly owned subsidiary of GeoMegA Resources, is collaborating with the University of Liege and Comet Traitements SA to test recycling of hybrid and electric vehicles on behalf of a major vehicle manufacturer. Innord will conduct separation tests on rare earth element (REE) concentrates produced by the university from magnets.

Electric vehicle makers want to unlock value by recycling magnets, lithium ion batteries, copper, aluminum and other materials. This will help them comply with environmental regulations. In the European Union, 85% of every vehicle must be used or recycled and 95% recovered since 2015.

Innord said that recycling steel and copper is well known, but recycling permanent magnets from new and more efficient motors is still in its infancy. This segment of the recycling industry is expected to grow as more magnets, especially those containing neodymium, reach the end of their current uses and are ready to be discarded. Better to recycle the material.

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