Canadian Mining Journal


RARE EARTHS: Nuinsco cuts 15-metre widths at Prairie Lake

ONTARIO – Nuinsco Resources of Toronto has identified high grade rare earth element (REE) domains in iron-rich carbonatite rock at its wholly owned Prairie Lake project near Terrace Bay.

The company said two holes were drilled in the southwest part of the Prairie Lake complex. The holes cut ancylite, burbankite and strontianite, all of which are indicative of REE presence. Hole NP1006 returned 6,687 g/t total REE, and hole NP 1007 contained 8,715 g/t total REE. Besides the minerals lanthanum, cerium, samarium, neodymium, and yttrium, the core was also tested for phosphate, niobium and tantalum.

There is a fact sheet about Prairie Lake and a technical report (no 43-101 compliant resources yet) posted at