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SAFETY: MSS, Northern College collaborate on mine safety

Mechanical engineering students get hands on experience testing MSS gloves. (Image: Mine Safety Solutions)

TIMMINS, Ont. – Mine Safety Solutions (MSS) is collaborating with Prof. Shane Storring and second year mechanical engineering technician student at Northern College to conduct impact testing of MSS gloves.

Performing impact testing will give MSS a better understanding of the impact force each of our gloves can withstand in comparison to competing manufacturers. When the tests are completed, MSS will have a better understanding of its product capacities and make adjustments if appropriate to ensure that they continue to provide superior protection without compromising dexterity.

The company says it is important to provide hands-on experience to students. They value the experience that students receive working on projects such as MSS’s which gives them the opportunity to develop unique skill sets and become more confident in their work. MSS’s goal is to continue working Northern College to innovate its product and provide experiential opportunities for their students.

MSS thanks Amy McKillip for her ongoing support. Through the Northern Innovation hub, she has provided guidance since the company’s start-up which has proven critical to the success of MSS.

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