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SAFETY: New app from Fatigue Science tracks impact of sleep

The new Readi app from Fatigue Science can reduce risk and maximize performance.

VANCOUVER – Canadian software company Fatigue Science is launching Readi, a new scientifically validated mobile app that enables users to discover the true impact of sleep on their waking hours.

Readi analyzes sleep data in order to predict the effects of sleep disruption on human fatigue. Specifically, it predicts the impact of sleep on one’s reaction time and cognitive effectiveness. With Readi, your sleep data is now meaningful in the context of your day ahead.

Readi is a hardware-agnostic software platform, integrating with sleep data from a growing range of compatible sleep trackers. At launch on, Readi is compatible with all Fitbit devices as well as the Fatigue Science ReadiBand, with support for Garmin and others coming this winter.

Readi is the only app that shows you the true, cumulative impact of your sleep on your waking hours.

With these insights, Readi enables industrial workers to visualize any periods of critical fatigue risk they may face in their workday ahead. It also sends users alerts before imminent periods of risk occur. At an aggregated level, insights from Readi empower industrial firms to optimize workforce decisions that reduce risk and improve productivity.

Since 2006, industrial firms, professional sports teams, and elite military forces have relied on SAFTE, the biomathematical model used by Readi, in order to optimize human performance. SAFTE is exclusively available via the products and services of Fatigue Science. It was developed by the US Army Research Lab with 25 years and $37 million in research, and it has been validated by the US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and many other institutions as a predictor of performance and accident risk.

Fatigue Science unveiled Readi at the World Sleep Congress in its hometown of Vancouver, Sept.  20-25.

Visit to learn more about Readi’s various applications.