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SAFETY PERFORMANCE – Safety record trims compensation premiums

TORONTO - From the ONTARIO MINING ASSOCIATION's latest newsletter:

TORONTO – From the ONTARIO MINING ASSOCIATION’s latest newsletter:

The Ontario mining industry’s improving safety performance has helped lead to a reduction in Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) premiums for the second consecutive year. For 2008, the WSIB has announced that the premiums for Ontario Mining Association members will decrease by an average of 4.3%. This is the result of a reduction in the number of injuries, a lessening in the number of serious injuries and improved claims management.

For 2008, the workers compensation premium paid by employers will be $7.90 per $100 of payroll in the gold group (down 4.5%), $5.08 per $100 of payroll in the nickel group (down 4.3%) and $6.14 per $100 of payroll in the other mining category (down 4.1%). The wage ceiling goes to $73,300 annually. The mining industry in Ontario spends approximately $75 million annually in aggregate on compensation premiums.

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