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SIMULATION: RPMGlobal launches enhanced Talpac-3D software

Talpac interface Credit: RPMGlobal

Talpac interface Credit: RPMGlobal

AUSTRALIA – Mining technology and consulting company RPM Global has launched the Talpac-3D software package, an addition to its suite of mining simulation solutions aimed at helping companies unlock value from their operations.

After detailed consultations with Talpac’s global user base, RPMGlobal released Talpac-3D to offer an enhanced user experience, increased functionality and a steppingstone towards RPMGlobal’s other simulation products.

Talpac-3D harnesses the functionality of RPMGlobal’s Truck and Loader Productivity and Cost calculator (Talpac) with a gaming-inspired 3D user interface (UI). This makes it easier and more efficient to import data, view results and make changes to models, enhancing users’ ability to optimize haulage routes and equipment selection.

Talpac has been trusted by the mining industry for over four decades due to its ability to deliver best-practice simulation. Originally developed as a tool to support truck and loader haul route calculations, Talpac is now used all over the globe by thousands of users.

Talpac-3D builds on the extensive history and smarts of Talpac and applies a brand-new graphical UI. RPMGlobal’s strategy has been to provide a much richer user experience across all products with a focus on the UI.

“The solution is reflective of the company’s commitment to taking on board client feedback and addressing the industry’s evolving needs,” Richard Mathews, RPMGlobal CEO, said in a release. “While Talpac has been the de-facto standard for the industry’s simulation needs for more than 40 years, we remain dedicated to introducing new solutions tailored to the requirements of the industry. We realized there was a need for an innovative simulation solution providing the reliable engine of Talpac but encompassing a fresh, modern UI that was scalable.”

Talpac-3D also offers a seamless upgrade path with integration to Haulsim, the company’s cutting-edge discrete event simulation solution. As users become more sophisticated in their simulation requirements, they can easily upgrade to Haulsim. This isn’t offered by any competitors in the industry.

The 3D UI of Talpac-3D delivers a number of new features such as a fleet planner and a cycle time analysis tool that work across the network.

“The world’s biggest miners are consistently looking for ways to unlock greater value from operations. Using Talpac-3D, mining companies are able to investigate multiple fleet options to optimize productivity,” Mathews added. “The ability to effectively evaluate and model the efficiency, productivity and economics of a mining fleet is critical to reducing operational costs and maximizing value.”

All supported Talpac users will get Talpac-3D free of charge.

With more than 40 years’ experience in mining and haulage systems, RPMGlobal has an extensive suite of simulation offerings.

RPMGlobal is a global leader in the provision and development of mining software solutions, advisory services and professional development.

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