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SOFTWARE: Cat Terrain for drilling, loading and grading

PEORIA, Ill. – Cat Terrain’s onboard guidance and real-time feedback tools help you plan work, then work the plan, more efficiently. The latest upgrade – for drilling, grading and loading – does even more, with new features to help users hit their targets every time.

There are four reasons for drillers to use the updated Terrain suite. It provides real-time hole updates, allowing multiple drills on the same pattern to share the status of every hole drilled. Operators can be trained more quickly and safely thanks to a new simulator. Start-up inaccuracies caused by operator error are eliminated because the operator no longer has to input parameters. Add Terrain to wick hole drills in heap leach applications and enjoy the benefits of pattern design files, drilled hole location reports, bootleg locations, position awareness, and guidance.

Cat’s upgraded Terrain tools offer the industry’s most accurate collision avoidance system.

Adding Terrain to loading operations offers three unbeatable benefits. Dipper position and weight as well as truck payload are seen in real-time. Full automation of blending and improved production tracking are possible. Users will also enjoy the most accurate collision avoidance system for truck and shovel interactions and fewer false alarms.

Where graders are in use, Terrain offers automatic blade control, proximity awareness alarms, and the auto delay and forced activity features to spot underutilization of machines.

Discover what’s new with Cat Terrain, then talk to your Cat dealer (find the closest one here) about upgrading your system today. Make sure to ask about special offers.

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