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SOFTWARE: Geovariances launches version 2020.06 of Isatis.neo geostatistics program

Plurigaussian and conditional simulation Credit: Geovariances

Plurigaussian and conditional simulation Credit: Geovariances

FRANCE – Geovariances, a company specializing in applied geostatistics, has announced the launch of version 2020.06 of Isatis.neo, its comprehensive geostatistics software solution.

With this new version of Isatis.neo, Geovariances continues to implement advanced geostatistical techniques: the company has added Plurigaussian simulations to the release and further developed a kriging option for efficient mineral resource classification.

Plurigaussian simulations are used to develop detailed and geologically sound models – this technique is designed to model complex geology with different structural orientations and heterogeneous deposits such as channels, reefs, bars, sets of veins or material with geological constraints. It allows for fine control of facies relationships and boundaries through a lithotype rule and a matrix of facies proportions derived from drillhole data. The algorithm in the latest Isatis.neo release can automatically infer the lithotype rule and underlying gaussian models.

The software can also derive grade tonnage curves quickly from various data sets either globally, or in selected domains.

The kriging option has been further developed to provide a robust mineral resource classification, independent of sample number, block size, and domain extension.

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